How much will it cost to get my tree removed?

The cost of tree removal varies widely and depends on a number of factors.

As a guide, you can pay between $150 - $500 for a small tree and anything over 12 metres will cost anywhere from $600 - $5,000.

As no two trees are the same we will need to come and assess the tree for its size, access, location and condition to be able to give you a definitive cost.


Do you remove debris, branches and logs?

Yes, we can remove everything from site if this is your preference.


Do I need a permit to remove my tree?

If you have a significant tree on your property it may be listed as a Notable or Protected Tree with your local Council. If this is the case, you will need to apply for consent to carry out any work on the tree. We can help you through this process.


Can I keep the firewood/mulch?

Most definitely. We can leave the mulch on site for your gardens and cut the logs into rings ready for you to split. We are able to split the wood for you or you can hire our log splitter.


Do you work on weekends?

Yes, we are available to work on Saturday if required and for emergency tree work we are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Do you remove tree stumps when you cut down my tree?

We do offer stump grinding and stump removal services.


Is there a difference between stump removal and stump grinding?

Stump grinding leaves the roots intact underneath the ground whereas stump removal clears the entire stump including the root ball (also leaving a big hole!). As some root balls can be up to 10 times the size of the tree, this option can be time consuming and costly, stump grinding is generally cheaper.


How do I know if my tree should be pruned?

If your tree has any deadwood or is showing signs of damage or disease or simply the canopy is too low to mow under, you should get in touch with us.